Del Lehmann began his love of aviationwhile attending a high school Career Education program in 1986. There, Del worked with current partner Brett Ham for the first time. Del had no plans to attend college but found his work at Rich Mountain Aviation highly motivating. RMA was a FAA Certified Repair Station specializing in structural repairs and General Aviation modifications. After the business closed in 1989, Del and the owner’s son formed Intermountain Aviation to fulfill the unfinished work from RMA. After that work diminished, the two dissolved their partnership.

Del then headed for Santa Fe to repair a bird strike on a Jetstream and began taking contracts with the evolving commuter airline industry. He performed structural work on everything from pond hoppers to smokers. From Santa Fe, he moved to Elsinore Airframe in Waco, Texas. The following year he became reacquainted with Brett while working at Midcoast Aviation in Little Rock.

Over the next three years, Del established his credibility with an impressive list of carriers including: Comair, Business Express, Express One, Mesaba, Mesa, Chataqua, and others. Del and his wife Tina tired of constant relocation, and after the birth of their first child, they decided to settle down in Mena, their hometown. Meanwhile, Del had earned his A&P Certification. He also gained Level II NDI Eddy Current and Liquid Penatrant Certifications.

Beginning June 1993, Del worked out of his pickup truck until the following year when he acquired hangar space in Terry Capehart’s Ultimate Engines facility. Del established Mountain Airframe Services and exchanged rent for assisting Terry. Ultimate Engines soon became a success and Terry entrusted all his client airframe issues to Del, who began developing many relationships - valued relationships that continue through today.

Terry sold Ultimate Engines in 1996. Del moved Mountain Airframe Services to another facility and became an independent corporation with four employees. By 2002, Del completed his FAA Inspection Authorization.

In 2013, Del and Brett joined as partners to form Mountain Airframe, LLC. Brett began his career a year before Del when they first worked together at Rich Mountain Aviation. The two friends had worked together on numerous contracts spanning their careers.

Mountain Airframe, LLC now has 12 employees, a 25,000 square foot hanger and typically maintain 12-16 aircraft in process. Their priority is to restore certified airworthiness for each project, with minimal downtime. Beechcraft products are the majority of their assignments, followed closely by Cessna and Piper. Warbirds and homebuilt aircraft account for about 10% of contracts.

Mountain Airframe, LLC takes pride in giving the best possible technical support and advice for each inquiry. Del and Brett tailor their services specifically for the private and GA client and are dedicated to helping people find the best solution, whatever the situation. This may include referrals to service-oriented competitors they know and trust.