... I know these men, and I recommend them unconditionally.

- Art Brock, Past President, American Bonanza Society

Got a sheet-metal project, repair or mod in mind for your baby? Take it to Del Lehmann, Mountain Airframe ...

Del is the go-to guy for this sort of work not only for the workmanship-skills of his shop, but also for the ideas and recommendations for restorative and modification tasks and the friendly, business-like integrity of his approach to aircraft work. From the moment you meet him until you stand admiringly in front of the finished product, you will find a reassuring countenance in the entire experience.

- George Horn, Parts/Maintenance Advisor, The Cessna 170 News article

I know you do outstanding work and have a great reputation in the industry. But what sets you apart is your unselfish willingness to help a new friend without expecting anything in return. The best example is when you recommended that I not repair my plane although your company would have done the work. This cost your company at least $140,000 in revenue ... That speaks volumes to me about your character and who you are as a man.

I am grateful for our friendship and hope to direct as much business your way as possible. Men like you are few and far between these days and I'm proud to count you as a friend

- Jim Keet

I consider myself both particular and meticulous when it comes to the care of my airplane and have been completely satisfied with the work Del has accomplished.

- J. F. Van Gilder, President CORROSION TECHNOLOGIES

You need to go no further than Del Lehmann at Mena AR ... He does obsolutely outstanding work. An old school craftsman and gentlemen.

- John Counsell

I was really impressed with the work that was done by Del Lehmann's Mountain Airframe ... The workmanship of Del is truly outstanding. I would be happy to recommend Del's shop to anyone ...

- Jon "JB" Buck

... Del Lehmann is the guy to talk to. Didn't know anything about them going in, but they have been absolutely excellent in craftsmanship, attitude, and fairness.

- Larry York

I wanted to write you and tell you how much I appreciate your time, quality work, effort and above all the loyalty you give to your customers.

- Mark Roberts

The owner, Del Lehmann, made our lives so comfortable from arrival at his facility, picking us up, arranging a rental car, advising on hotel reservations, etc. that we cannot say it was anything but the most pleasant experience we've ever had while waiting for a repair ... he encouraged us to visit and see how they worked on a daily basis. They were clean, organized, knowledgeable, ON TIME, and mostly, VERY good at what they did at a FAIR PRICE. Looks better than new. CESSNA should sub out som of their work to this professional.

- Roy & Jamie Smith

Del Lehmann, owner of Mountain Airframe Services, along with Tony, Mike, and Del's son Tanner, all put a great deal of effort into trying to make sure the entire plane was done correctly. They did the wing and control rebuilding and all of the other mechanical and electrical work. Del managed the entire project while the plane was in Mena, coordinating with the other (paint and interior) shops to make things go as smoothly as possible. His help with that was crucial to the success of the project.

- Richard Pulley